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10-Minute Meditation for Holiday Stress

Holidays are stressful this year, let alone every year. Take ten minutes to follow this guided mediation to help tame your stressors today! https://soundcloud.com/mindfulmagazine/a-10-minute-guided-meditation-to-tame-holiday-stress  

Kids in the Kitchen

Even while we cannot gather in large groups during these COVID-times, it allows for opportunity to have more intimate experiences with our loved ones whom we do live with. If you have children at home, try welcoming them into the kitchen and create joyful experiences working together while making a meal or a dessert. Whether […]

A Virtual Holiday Season

This year does not have to be a dull holiday season–it is a different holiday season which brings a creative need to bring on the joy and cheer! This article has quite a list of options that families and friends can do to bring on the holiday cheer. It includes virtual holiday gatherings, virtual holiday […]

COVID Holidays

The holidays this year are different. While the national recommendations around managing COVID this season is to reduce our contact with others, whether we like it or not, the holidays aren’t going to be like they used to be and it’s ok to be upset about it. This attached article highlights the important steps to […]

Grateful for Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time in which we can pause and reflect on the things we are most grateful for in our lives. With COVID, elections, social and personal stressors, life can seem rough at times and so stopping and noticing what we are grateful for is important. This attached article highlights a number of important […]

Lofi Mindfulness

Mindfulness does not need to be a guided meditation, mindfulness of breath, or sitting in silence. Mindfulness can be bringing your attention to music that is soothing and grounding. Here is a Lo-fi playlist from SoundCloud that has a number of soothing songs that I personally enjoy listening to. Certain songs can be pure instrumental, […]

Being Mindful within a Minute

There are many TED talks illuminating the values of practicing mindfulness, and I recommend watching them all! Here though is one that highlights the practicality of practicing mindfulness each day to gain all its benefits even with a busy lifestyle. Phil Boissiere explains in this particular TED talk how one could obtain the benefits of […]


Ever find yourself in a situation that is challenging to speak up or to express yourself effectively? The DEAR MAN skills constructed by Marsha Linehan is the go-to skill to use! This video breaks down one very valuable skill that is golden for effective communication. It breaks down key components of communicating and getting your […]

Self-Love Meditation

We can definitely be our own worst critic, so take a moment to pause and reflect on some self-love! https://youtu.be/cFeCUfw657g

Finding Inner Peace

COVID, elections, work, family… our lives may have a lot to work through and yet it’s not what’s on our plate, but how we manage our plate. From allowing yourself to take a break, to finding ways to rethink things that are going on, there are tips and tricks on how to bring a sense […]