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Work Burnout

At work do you find yourself more irritable, fatigued, more sarcastic, or even notice your productivity has reduced somewhat? You may have some work burnout. Want to know more about burnout, this article explains what burnout looks like, ways to prevent it, and ways to overcome it. We may be burnt-out from COVID, don’t let […]

New Research on Mindfulness

Update on mindfulness research: more evidence to support why we should incorporate mindfulness more into our lives! From fighting inflammation to reduced anxiety and depression, mindfulness practices in one’s life enhances literal health as well as emotional health. Read up and share! https://www.mindful.org/top-research-news-on-mindfulness-meditation-fall-2020/

Deep Body Scan

Your body is with you at all times, so a body scan meditation is a great way to center yourself when feeling out of touch with the moment. Here is a nice deep body scan guided meditation for your day so strengthen your mindfulness skills, even if it’s only for a portion of this recording, […]

Managing Social Distancing

Want an analogy on how to manage your life while being home more during these unique times we’re living in? Check this great 10-minute video on effectively managing your day-to-day life. Don’t forget your popcorn! https://youtu.be/snAhsXyO3Ck  


We have been on a long journey now during this pandemic, and fatigue and burnout is real. Remind yourself of the risks around not social distancing or not wearing masks/washing hands and return to making a commitment to taking safety measures. This attached article describes various ways to make taking safety measures easier for you. […]

Back to School with a Side of Pandemic Panic

Are your kids kind of going back to school? This time around it’s going to be different. We are in a pandemic and want to be safe, and at the same time we still want to get our education to keep up with our long-term goals. The attached article highlights great tools targeting various areas […]

Body Scan Meditation

There are many body scan meditations, and yet one does not fit all. Here is another type of body scan meditation that is quite grounding and motivating in tone. Whether you have 25 minutes for the whole body scan or if you only have 5 minutes, take a moment to scan your body mindfully and […]

Mindfulness Explained

Trying to break down what Mindfulness is, and how to practice it, can be challenging. This brief YouTube video does a great job at describing mindfulness, the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and even simple ways to engage in mindful living. It is family friendly in which you can share with your loved ones of any […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Components Broken Down

Ever wonder what Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) really is? What is it made up of? Every therapeutic approach differs from one another and if you’re curious what the breakdown of DBT is, this attached article really highlights what this therapeutic approach is all about. It highlights the history of DBT and describes the many components […]

Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness is living life consciously in the present moment, on purpose, without judgment to bring a sense of peace, control, and acceptance of the Now. Unfortunately, when we practice an exercise, mindfulness exercises are not excluded, we can be jaded and find ourselves being ineffective while falling into mindless routine. Here is an article which […]