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Realistic New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2022. It is time to make those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions that we all tend to forget by Valentine’s Day. For some of us we ruminate on the “should” about not doing them or by telling ourselves we will do it tomorrow and when we don’t do finish our goal, we often feel […]

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for PTSD? And How Can DBT PE Help?

What is PTSD? Post-Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that develops after someone has experienced, witnessed, or learned about one or more traumatic events. PTSD symptoms can start right away or take time to appear.  The intensity of symptoms can vary over time. A professional (online therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist) will assess your symptoms […]

Benefits of Online Therapy in Las Vegas

You’re overwhelmed with life. You don’t know if you really want to be here. You’re certainly anxious and depressed, but the typical talk therapy just isn’t working. Most days you are struggling to find motivation for literally anything. These feelings are normal for people who have been through a lot, so you are not alone. It […]

3 Mindfulness Tools for When You Want to Self-Harm

Over the years as Dialectical Behavior Therapy specialists, we have helped many individuals who use self-harm as a coping mechanism. Let me repeat that: self-harm is a coping mechanism. When feelings get to be too much to handle, it makes sense that you or someone you love may use self-harm to escape from reality for […]

Why am I so angry?

There are lots of reasons to feel anger. We feel angry when someone has wronged us, blocked us from completing a goal, or injustice has taken place. And anger is not necessarily a bad emotion. In fact, it can be used constructively for change. But often, we get so wrapped up in feeling angry that […]

10-Minute Meditation for Holiday Stress

Holidays are stressful this year, let alone every year. Take ten minutes to follow this guided mediation to help tame your stressors today! https://soundcloud.com/mindfulmagazine/a-10-minute-guided-meditation-to-tame-holiday-stress  

Kids in the Kitchen

Even while we cannot gather in large groups during these COVID-times, it allows for opportunity to have more intimate experiences with our loved ones whom we do live with. If you have children at home, try welcoming them into the kitchen and create joyful experiences working together while making a meal or a dessert. Whether […]

A Virtual Holiday Season

This year does not have to be a dull holiday season–it is a different holiday season which brings a creative need to bring on the joy and cheer! This article has quite a list of options that families and friends can do to bring on the holiday cheer. It includes virtual holiday gatherings, virtual holiday […]

COVID Holidays

The holidays this year are different. While the national recommendations around managing COVID this season is to reduce our contact with others, whether we like it or not, the holidays aren’t going to be like they used to be and it’s ok to be upset about it. This attached article highlights the important steps to […]