Realistic New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2022.

It is time to make those dreaded New Year’s Resolutions that we all tend to forget by Valentine’s Day. For some of us we ruminate on the “should” about not doing them or by telling ourselves we will do it tomorrow and when we don’t do finish our goal, we often feel more shame, guilt, and beat ourselves up about it.  Did you know that DBT has DBT coping skills to make short-term and long-term goals easier? This helps us to make a goal and feel better about ourselves?  Let’s see how you can begin setting realistic new years resolutions for 2022.

Calendar with new years resolutions written in red. Finding a skilled DBT therapist who can help you accumulate positives can help you establish realistic new years resolutions. Call now and see how we can support you with DBT coping skills in Los Angeles, 90274.What are These Skills That Can Help You Create Realistic New Years Resolutions?

The skill is accumulating positives in the short term and long-term. It is one of our emotion regulation skills to help build positive experiences. Then, to be more mindful of these experiences. And, finally, to continue to build a life worth living.

Short Term Goals for Accumulating Positives

Accumulating positives in the short term is doing a small pleasant event each day.  This skill may seem easy to some. To those who suffer from mood-related symptoms or intense emotional dysregulation, it can often be hard.  The skill is meant to help build up a wall of tolerance to the emotional mind and help us to be more resilient.  For example, if your realistic New Year’s resolution was to eat better or exercise more. 

You could find pleasant events that correlate with that to help build mastery so you continue with the short-term goal like going for a walk on the beach or looking up recipes that sound fun and exciting. The key to making realistic new years resolutions in small pleasant events is to build up a tolerance to the emotional mind. Both negative emotions and mood-related symptoms are reasons why we give up on our resolutions. By increasing pleasant events each day we can build experience. 

Long Term Goals for Accumulating Positives

Plants growing at different rates. Dealing with goals isn't always easy. Lets talk about setting realistic new years resolutions so you can see success. Try DBT therapy in California and talk with a DBT therapist who gets it. Call now!

Accumulating positives in the long term is the second part to setting realistic new years resolutions or making goals. The long term helps you to make changes in your life. This will create more positive events in our future such as exercising. This will help build our life worth living. We first need to identify our values.  If we don’t know what our values are or living someone else values it can be hard to complete long-term goals.  After you have your values, think of a few goals related to this value and choose only to work on now.  Then identify small action steps toward the goal and do one action step now.

Why is this helpful for setting realistic new years resolutions in 2022?

With accumulating positives in the short and long term you can give up making resolutions that don’t get met. Instead, you can build a life worth living. Start setting realistic new years resolutions that you can keep this year. If you need support, a DBT therapist may be able to help!


See how DBT Therapy in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV Can Help You Work Through PTSD and Trauma.Possible written in blocks. Needing support from a DBT therapist is OK. Lets establish some DBT coping skills in DBT therapy today. Learn how to set realistic new years resolutions in California and see some success!

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