Image of a young man sitting on a bench with his hand running through his hair. This image illustrates the loneliness that dealing with suicidal thoughts can bring. Meeting with a DBT therapist to reduce suicidal thoughts in Los Angeles, CA can help. | 90266 | 90505

Suicidal Thoughts

Before anything else, please know that you are not alone. This world can be overwhelming and hopeless. It can make you feel like there’s no way things could get better. And when you have trouble finding joy even in the things that used to make you happy, you can feel incredibly alone.

Talking about the suicidal thoughts that cross your mind doesn’t seem like an option. The idea of speaking your most vulnerable thoughts into reality is terrifying. Nobody will get it. And even worse, they’ll probably think you’re crazy. These are the things that go through many people’s minds when they’ve gotten to this place. The place where living feels pointless. And “staying strong” doesn’t feel worth it anymore.

However, we believe that with support, you can find a life worth living. And not only find it but start living it. Yes, there will still be hard times. But, with support, the hard days will be easier to manage. With the help of a DBT therapist, you can quiet the self-doubt and find yourself. And more importantly, you’ll be able to connect with other people and the world in ways that fulfill you, instead of making you feel discouraged and isolated.