Image of a woman with her arms wrapped around her knees with her forehead resting on them. This image illustrates the power of experiencing loneliness in Los Angeles, CA. Working with a DBT therapist in Los Angeles, CA for social isolation and loneliness can help you feel less lonely. | 90274 | 90275

When life gets hard, being without friends, family, or a support system can make life feel unlivable.

Maybe you have these supports in place, but you still struggle with intense feelings of loneliness. Perhaps you have a hard time communicating or connecting with the people in your life, and it makes you feel disconnected, rejected, and unlovable.

When you have been working hard to find connectedness, but it just doesn’t seem to work, you may turn to unhealthy behaviors. This makes sense, given that social isolation can be overpowering. And it can cause you to act in ways that may feel out of control. Maybe you find yourself thinking “why did I do that?!” Then, you spiral into feelings of shame and unworthiness. It feels like you just can’t help your brain and body from reacting when faced with conflict, rejection, or criticism.