Hiking as a Way to Destress in Las Vegas, NV

Image of a desert plain in Nevada. Find ways to destress by hiking with this list! Learn how DBT therapy in Las Vegas, NV can help!

When I moved to Las Vegas 5 years ago, I experienced a lot of excitement with being in a new place, and new possibilities. I had visited Las Vegas many times throughout my life, mainly the strip, so I was looking forward to knowing more about what Las Vegas had to offer. However, there was so much stress and loss with leaving a home, friends, and family where I had been for over 50 years that my excitement quickly dwindled. 

Image of a woman sitting on a rock looking at the sunset over a desert. Do you struggle with stress? Learn how to destress with the help of DBT therapy in Las Vegas, NV.

Discovering the Healing Power of Nature

I found myself sad and lost and had no energy to unpack and decorate my beautiful new home. My eyes were clouded, and procrastination set in. I told myself I needed to use my DBT Skills to get me out of this funk. So, I did the opposite action and worked on being in each moment as it arose, and focused on small, pleasant experiences in each moment. After a short time of doing this, my eyes started to clear, and I was able to unpack and start to explore what Las Vegas has to offer.

Embracing the Beauty of the Outdoors

My new neighbors and friends told me about many hiking areas in Vegas and my excitement started growing again. There are many places to hike here in Vegas that have incredible beauty and different degrees of challenges that can help one’s mind, body, and soul. Being in nature, experiencing the warmth of the sun on my face and body, hearing all the sounds nature has to from moment to moment, the sounds of the various birds, reptiles, and animals there, seeing the incredible colors, shapes, and rock formations, along with the life of each plant I come across, smelling the earth, rocks, plants, and air is so refreshing. 

Being mindful of the movement of my body helps me to connect and be at one with the incredibleness of the earth in my new home Las Vegas and the universe.  I find myself more at peace and grateful for life.  Nature has been one of the best ways to clear my head of thoughts, worries, and destress. Being mindful of this pleasant experience fills my emotional tank for when life’s problems arise it doesn’t deplete me as much. I have built-in resources such as DBT therapy. Click here for more benefits of hiking

Hiking Areas in Las Vegas, NV to Destress:

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

This area offers many hiking trails to destress with various degrees of difficulty, starting with easier distances trails to moderate levels of difficulty with longer distances the more strenuous hiking.

Easy Trails:

  • Moenkopi Loop – This is a 2-mile loop with Triassic fossils and various desert floras.
  • Willow Spring Loop – Is 1.1 miles taking you past a pictograph site and agave roasting pits.
  • Petroglyph Wall – This is a .20-mile walk taking you toward historical rock art.

Easy to Moderate Trails:

  • Pine Creek Canyon – This is a 2.4-mile trail offering beautiful and diverse plant communities nestled in canyon walls.  With cool air and water flowing, there is a remnant of the ponderosa pine forest from the last Ice Age.
  • Oak Creek Canyon – Is 2 miles has beautiful canyons cutting into the Red Rock Escarpment.  There is a nice wildflower trail in the spring.
  • First Creek Canyon – This is a 4-mile trail leading to a little waterfall with shade trees, willows, and cottonwood trees.

Moderate Trails:

  • Keystone Thrust – Is 2.4 miles offering great and colorful geologic eras. 
  • La Madre Spring is 3.6 miles offering red and white sandstone cliffs and gray limestone mountains. The trail takes you to La Madre Spring where you’ll see water for wildlife and a pleasant contrast with the desert environment. The vegetation in the canyon is fairly dense, and the pinyon pine, juniper, and scrub oaks actually feel like a forest.
  • Knoll – This is a 3.6-mile trail where you can watch or listen for small mammals, deer, bighorn sheep, birds, and a wide variety of lizards.

Moderate to Strenuous:

  • Calico Tanks – This is a 2.2-mile scurry over jumbled sandstone that leads to a hidden water pocket and a great view of Las Vegas. Calico Tanks is a great trip for families or those wanting a relatively short introduction to Red Rock Canyon because this hike combines elements of prehistory, history, geology, beauty, and fun that make Red Rock famous.


  • Turtlehead Peak – Is 4.6 miles and at the top has one of the best panoramic views of Red Rock Canyon

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Lone Mountain Trailhead

Offers a moderately challenging 2.7-mile loop with slight elevation gain.  There are views into the desert, and desert plants, along with a close look at a volcanic mountain.

Click here for more info on hiking Lone Mountain Trailhead!

Spring Mountain

Offers moderate to hard trails. One of the advantages of this area for hiking is that my two dachshunds are welcome. They both love hiking.  

  • Griffith Peak Trail is popular for hiking.
  • Upper and Lower Bristlecone Loop is popular for birding, hiking, and horseback riding.
  • Echo Overlook Trail is strenuous and beautiful from the very beginning of the hike.
  • Upper Bristlecone Trail nicely forested area
  • Little Falls Trail has a hidden waterfall.

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Mount Charleston Hiking Trails

Has over 60 miles of trails starting at over 6,000 ft, and is another popular place for hiking.

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Fire State Park 

Is located outside of Vegas and is one of the most popular areas for hiking.

Click here for more info on Fire State Park! 

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