Favorite Local Restaurants For Date Night in Las Vegas, NV

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My husband and I work at having a weekly date night.  We start off with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  We have done this for many years.  After so many years, we got into a rut asking each other “What do you want for dinner”, the other’s response would be “I don’t know, what do you want”.  We would go back and forth until finally one of us would suggest something, and then the other would say “No, I don’t feel like that.”

And we would go back and forth getting nowhere, and both were frustrated with each other. Since our move to Las Vegas, NV, we didn’t we didn’t know restaurants in our local area. So, we set out on an adventure researching locally owned restaurants. Here are some of our favorites now, and we continue to discover more favorites. We are enjoying our date nights once again!

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Local Restaurants For Date Night in Las Vegas, NV

Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant

136 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89145

Our very first favorite restaurant in Vegas we found accidently. We were out shopping and saw this little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant next to Harbor Freight. We were starving and missing our favorite Mexican restaurants in California, so we went in and discovered the kindest, nicest family.  Mom and Dad were in the back cooking and one of their sons was at the cash register. He greeted us with a friendly welcome and smile. We ordered and sat down.

The son brought us our drinks, chips salsa, and then our food.  To our amazement this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant was amazing! It was close to what we loved in California. We had a wonderful conversation with the son, and then Mom and Dad came out from the kitchen and talked to us as well. We now frequent Serrano’s often; it is one of our regular places to go even outside of date nights. Every time we walk in, we are treated like family. Dad often offers to cook up something special that is not on the menu for my husband.  

This small family-owned and operated restaurant has delicious food and a warm family atmosphere.  We highly recommend their Flan for dessert.  We have not had Flan like this before.  It is a must!!!!

D’Agostino’s Trattoria

4155 S Buffalo Dr #115, Las Vegas, NV 89147

D’Agostino’s Trattoria is another favorite of ours. This is a locally owned restaurant with homemade ingredients that you thoroughly taste with each bite. Their dishes are made with love that is passed down through many generations. The restaurant is fairly small on the inside, so best to make reservations. The food is fresh and delicious, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The moment we walked in we were warmly greeted and seated. As they were describing the specials and answering our questions about the items on the menu, the passion and commitment to their tasty food rang through with their words and body language. When our food arrived, we experienced all the passion they had shared with us. The food was great. We come here often, not just for date night, but also with friends.  

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Esther’s Kitchen

1130 S. Casino Center Blvd., Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89104

This is another great find for us. The owner/chef, James Trees was born and raised in Vegas and keeps his family values going with his restaurant. The name Esther’s Kitchen comes from his great aunt who inspired his passions. It has a nice atmosphere with wonderful food. Best to make reservations, or you can find a space at the bar. The bartenders are great. Great drinks, and they tell you stories of the incredible history of the food menu. Their Sourdough is one of the best we have ever had and so delicious with all their spreads with it. Very popular with the locals.  

The Golden Steer Steakhouse

308 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102

The Golden Steer Steakhouse has become one of our favorite date night dinners for special occasions. Its’ history is incredible! They opened in 1958, and the original Rat Pack was one of their regular customers.  The outside of the restaurant is not much to look at, however, once you step in the environment inside transports you back in time. The steaks are incredible, melting in your mouth. Their lobster tails are the best we have had. The whole food experience is wonderful, and the staff makes you feel as if you are a special guest there. Writing this, my mouth is watering. I can’t wait to go back soon. Reservations are a must and make them well in advance, it has taken up to 2 months to get a reservation. Well worth it!!!!!

Bob Taylor’s Ranch House

6250 Rio Vista Street, Las Vegas, NV 89130

Bob Taylor’s Ranch House has a special meaning for us.  We discovered it when we were looking for houses in Vegas.  As the name says it has a ranch house feel.  They use a mesquite grill for cooking, and you can enjoy the inviting smell from the road.  When walking into the restaurant you walk by the grill and see and smell the yummy food.  We enjoy the atmosphere and the food. On Mondays, they have prime rib for less than $2.00 a pound. On Tuesdays, they have a special on Ribs. We found ourselves going often for Prime Rib nights at first being on a budget with a new house, and now we enjoy it for date night dinners. They also have delicious seafood as well. Their appetizer crab legs are phenomenal, and you can order them hot or cold.

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