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Dog-Friendly Hikes Around Los Angeles

For dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than grabbing your four-legged best friend and hitting the trails for a hike.  Los Angeles offers some great hiking options that you and your dog can appreciate! Runyon Canyon Park Runyon Canyon Park is one of the most popular hiking spots in LA — with good […]

Kid-Friendly Activities in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a great beach community for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles or spend a refreshing vacation on the water. Beyond the obvious attractions of the ocean and the beach, there are many options for family-friendly activities throughout this area. Here are just a few options to consider […]

“What” to do when practicing mindfulness

There are three “What” skills for when practicing mindfulness. Observe Describe Participate When mindfully observing, we want to observe just the facts through our senses. To notice, acknowledge and then let go. Aim not to hold onto, or avoid, what is being observed; nor do we want to judge or put value to our experience. […]

“How” to Practice Mindfulness

When wanting to be mindful, there are three skills to practice: Be Nonjudgmental Be One-Mindful Be Effective By practicing being non-judgmental, we are removing any assumptions and interpretations of what we are observing. We remove any value placed on what is observed. Things are not stated as “good” or “bad,” “should” or “should not.” Leave […]

What Is The Difference Between Affect, Emotion, And Mood?

An Affect is a term that encompasses a broad range of feelings that people can experience. It embodies both emotions and moods. An Emotion is an intense feeling that is short-term and is typically directed at a source. Emotions can often have indicative facial expressions and body language as well. A Mood is a state […]

10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Emotional Health

Be around your loved ones. By being around supportive people who care about you, such as family and friends, you can have a place to go to when times get tough. It is important to have people around who can listen and validate you during difficult times.   Learn more and be curious. As they […]

Having Fun With Words

Ever feel like you can’t seem to find the right words to describe what you are feeling or experiencing? Sometimes it’s just difficult to explain ourselves if we simply don’t have to the words to describe ourselves, which can be quite frustrating! By being able to put words to our experiences, we can feel validated […]

Boat Tours Around Redondo Beach and Marina del Rey

Here are some quick facts about boat tours around Redondo Beach and Marina del Rey: Redondo Beach: Whale watching, boat racing, and historical trips are some of the great adventures you can expect from Redondo Beach.  No matter your age, you are sure to find an activity to your liking.   Voyager – This 65-foot […]

Best Day Trips Around Hermosa Beach

Adventures are great. It would be awesome to be able to go on a daily adventure, but this often costs much more than most of us can afford. Also, if you’re in the middle of an urban center such as Los Angeles, you will be hard-pressed to find a patch of pristine nature where you […]