Easy Detox Formulas for Mind, Body

Toxins are an unavoidable part of modern living. Toxins include anything that’s harmful to our bodies and can come from the air we breathe, the liquids we drink, the food we eat,and some of the daily products we use.

What we do in our daily lives adds up. Toxins surround us every day, harming our bodies when we don’t even know it. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that the body of the average person contains 153 chemical agents known to be toxic or probably toxic. So a detox can be a simple way to relieve the stress on your mind and body, boosting your energy, clearing your mind, and making a noticeable difference in how you look and feel.

So, is it time for a detox? There are many easy ways to undergo a simple detox that don’t include putting yourself on a liquid diet for six weeks or never using technology again. There are some basic steps you can take to remove some of the unhealthy toxins from your life. Here are six ideas you can practice daily:

Sweat it out – Exercise and the process of sweating is incredibly important to a healthy body. Sweating releases toxins from your body and helps boost its natural detoxification process. Exercise improves blood circulation, bringing nutrients to your muscles and organs. Along with being good for your heart, it also aids the lymphatic system. If don’t like to exercise, try the steam room or sauna at the gym or just go on a walk to work up a sweat.

Remember to hydrate – Water is the most simple and purest way to detoxify your body. The cells and organs in your body all need it to flush out toxins. It helps with digestion, metabolism, and your immune system. Try drinking a warm glass of water in the morning with lemon. Have a glass of tea during the day or keep a bottle of water at your desk. Eliminate or moderate your intake of alcohol, sugar and caffeine in what you drink.

Focus on rest and sleep – Your body takes care of a lot of work while you sleep. It releases hormones that assist with the growth of healthy cells, healing tissues and fighting infections. The brain also clears itself of harmful toxins while you sleep. Introduce some healthy sleep habits to reduce stress and balance your hormones.

Pay attention to your cleaning products –You may not think about it, but the daily household cleaning products we use are full of harmful chemicals. Read the warning labels on the products you use, and switch to chemical-free versions you can find at the store, or make your own home versions from natural products. In most cases, you might realize soap and water do a fine job.

Disconnect from technology – Do you get anxiety when you’re away from your smartphone? It might be [time for a break time for a break. Don’t use your phone in bed, and stop playing games or using social media apps. Limit your time on the computer and devote more time to activities you used to do. Try it for a weekend, and then a week.

Reset your diet – Even slight to moderate improvements to your diet can help remove unhealthy toxins. Some of the easiest ways to start are to cut your sugar intake and eliminate processed foods that already contain toxins. Foods that naturally help our body to detox include fruit, vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry, meat and whole grains. Introduce probiotics to your diet to improve intestinal health and overall wellness, and focus on foods like these that are natural detoxifiers.