Fundamentals are Fundamental

Please use the PLEASE skills to take care of your mental health and reduce your vulnerability to unwanted emotions. Tending to your physical health, maintaining your regular physical check-ups throughout the year, regularly visiting your dentist, taking care of your physical ailments, all these and more are all so important. Remember the last time you were sick in bed with a cold? I bet that you were in no mood to deal with any more negative events in your life. That’s because you were already vulnerable to unwanted emotions due to being physically sick. So go on and take care of yourself. Balance your intake around foods and mood-altering substances too (drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc.). Eat well because you won’t be as resilient toward undesirable news if you’re hangry or hung-over. And what is also often forgotten is the amount of sleep and exercise we all need! Sleep is so important to reset ourselves and rejuvenate our bodies and mind for the day. With the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night, be mindful of the appropriate amount of sleep you’re getting. And with the modern lifestyle of continuously being in front of a phone, computer, or TV, we are not as active as our ancestors once were. Get outside and be active for as little as 20 minutes a day. Go for a walk, or go play a sport, whatever you do, mindfully participate and get your body moving! Remember the PLEASE skills and you’ll feel better for it. Give it a shot.