General Wellness and Health Apps

Welcome to the brave new world of health and wellness apps.

Nowhere have apps gained greater popularity than in the area of health and fitness.Here are several which you may find useful if you are an apps kind of person.

Nike’s free downloadable running and training app contains 30 good forty-five-minute workouts. You can establish a fitness starting level. The app walks you through proper execution of each exercise. Demonstration videos are also provided. You can also use the app to share your progress on Facebook or Twitter.

With the free app, NexTrack,you can track your fitness progress no matter whether you are running or doing housework. NexTrack keeps track of over 200 different activities. You even earn points toward fitness prizes and coupons.

CarrotFitis almost like having a personal trainer. This threatens, inspires, ridicules, and even bribes you. The aim is to get you up off that couch and moving your butt. Notable in the CarrotFitregimen is a little program called “7 minutes in hell.” This workout has you doing thirty seconds of each of dozen extreme exercises! The three dollar app counts steps and keeps track of weight gain or loss.

Another virtual personal trainer is Fitocracy, downloadable from iTunes. If you are competitive then Fitocracy is for you! It helps you set life goals and achieve them. Fitocracy also lets you keep in touch with others in the Fitocracy community to increase your support group.

This third virtual personal trainer app was created by NFL star Tony Gonzalez. Free from iOS, FitStar assesses your needs and fitness level via simple questions posed at the end of each workout. FitStar programs are appropriate for everyone from beginners to fitness pros.

Downloadable from iTunes, Argus monitors your sleep, your heart rate, and calories consumed. Argus presents challenges. You can alsocreate your own workout plan. By scanning barcodes, you can include the food you eat and track your calories.

When you are running, music often forms a great background. Downloadable from iTunes, Running Spring Music senses your running pace and sets a musical rhythm in time with it from its over fifty playlists and music stations. Running Spring Music also tracks your runs. This app supports the Apple Watch.

Also downloadable from iTunes, MyFitnessPal boasts includes a database of more than five million foods. It makes tracking calories consumed a snap. You can also keep track of steps.

No matter whether your focus is toning your body, aerobics, fitness, body sculpting, or weight loss, there is a health and fitness app out there that is ideal for your personal needs.