Nine Must-Do Activities on the Westside of LA

Whether you’re new in town or have never taken the time to truly explore the Westside of Los Angeles, there are some must-do activities that can help you get to know your part of the city.

The Westside has its own communities, vibe and opportunities, with a little something to offer everyone. Here are 10 recommended things to do in your first 30 days living on the Westside of Los Angeles:

First Friday on Abbott Kinney.  On the first Friday of every month, the art galleries, boutiques and shops along Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice stay open late to promote neighborhood merchants. But it’s as much about the people-watching and huge collection of food trucks as anything else.

Visit Catalina Island. Take the Catalina Express – there are more than 20 trips per day – from the ports in Long Beach for a day or weekend trip. Explore the shops and restaurants, or enjoy the amazing views with snorkeling or hiking.

The Getty Center. The most iconic museum in all of Los Angeles offers amazing views and wonderful architecture that rivals the art on display inside the walls. Bring a camera and plan on staying a full afternoon.

The Santa Monica Pier. One of the most popular destinations for tourists is still a worthwhile visit on a sunny afternoon. It is a great place for people-watching or to bring the kids, plus you can wander to nearby shopping and restaurants – including the Santa Monica Promenade – when you’re done.

Venture to Venice Beach. While it’s becoming more mainstream, the eclectic and sometimes kooky scene along Venice beach offers plenty of people-watching, from street performers to skateboarders and body builders, and plenty of opportunities for food and drinks.

Beach Cruise in South Bay. Grab a beach cruiser – there are plenty to rent if you have to – and cruise up and down the Marvin Braude Bike Path (known as The Strand in South Bay) to enjoy the spectacular beach front scenery. The path stretches 22 miles in all, and there are plenty of places to stop for food or drinks when you’re in the mood.

South Bay Farmer’s Markets. The South Bay communities produce farmer’s markets six days out of the week, offering amazing selections of fresh produce, flowers and hot eats to dazzle your senses.

Find Abalone Cove Shoreline Park. This amazing hidden world in Palos Verdes displays Southern California in all of its splendor, from the ocean views along the bluffs to the amazing marine life in the tide pools at low tide.

Hike to Eagle Rock in Topanga State Park. There are many hiking options on the Westside to choose from for those of all skill levels. The 1,957-foot summit at Eagle Rock offers rare serenity and views of the entire Westside.

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