Tops Ways to Reduce Stress

Everyone feels the impact of stress sometimes.

For many of us, it might feel like there is no real solution for the stress in life. But quite often, people are much more in control of stress factors than they might think. While 54 percent of Americans are concerned about the levels of stress in their life , the realization that we are in indeed in control is often considered the foundation of effective stress management.

So what can be done – right now – to reduce the stress in your life? Here are eight tips for the top ways to reduce stress:

Identify your stress. Explore the real sources of your stress and look closely at your habits, time management, attitude and mindset. Once you know what is truly causing your stress, it can be easier to manage.

Start a stress journal. Writing and keeping track of what stresses you is one way to effectively relieve stress. It might also reveal common themes and patterns to help you.

Explore how you cope with stress. Is how you currently deal with stress unhelpful or unhealthy? The answer might help you change your patterns and not compound the impact of stress.

Avoid unnecessary sources of stress. Some stress is unavoidable, but that’s not always the case. Avoid people, situations, topics and environments that are stressors you can eliminate.

Find ways to adapt. Reduce stress by learning how to deal with it. Learn how to compromise, adjust your standards and expectations, focus on the positive and look at the big picture. Altering your mindset can help you adapt.

Create relaxation time. Learn how to make your body relax on a daily basis through activities such as yoga, meditation, messages, deep breathing, napping, or aromatherapy.

Explore calming activities. Find simple things you can quickly take part in that help you relax, such as listening to music, spending time with a pet, artisan projects or reading. Find what works for you.

Start a healthier lifestyle. There’s no question you should exercise regularly to reduce stress. But you can also adjust your eating habits, intake of toxins, and sleeping patterns, which are all tied to stress.

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