How Regular Exercise Can Influence Your Attitude

Most of us know that regular exercise has many physical benefits, but being physically active can also greatly influence your attitude and mental health. Here are some ways regular exercise can help improve your overall mood and attitude!

Happiness – When your heart rate is elevated, your body actively pumps blood to your heart and veins faster. Your nerves respond to this by stimulating chemicals in the brain, which releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that cause you to become happier, and even causing euphoria. A simple run around the neighborhood or a bike ride down the street will release endorphins, allowing you to become more cheerful, relaxed, and at peace.

More Energy – Exercise boosts your body’s energy as your blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to surrounding tissues. This allows your brain to work more productively, and enables it to create and produce ideas.

Hitting Restart – Exercising outside after working for a long time can actually improve your overall mood and mental health. As your body releases the stress of the day through movement, your brain is able to become refreshed and restored. This can boost motivation and lift any stress or anxiety you may have had.

Confidence- The more you exercise, the more you learn about your body’s abilities. You become confident in what you’re able to accomplish by running, biking, playing a sport, lifting weights. etc. This improves your overall self-confidence in what you’re capable of accomplishing!