Best Local Hiking Areas and Hiking Trails


Getting to know the numerous hiking trails in your area is an ideal way get some exercise while exploring the city. Here are a few in the Los Angeles area you may want to try:

  1. The Runyun Canyon Loop

This three-mile round-trip trail is not a nature walk, but it’s a great way to check out the Hollywood Hills and get an amazing view of Cloud’s Rest. You can see million-dollar mansions and view the iconic Hollywood Sign, the Sunset Strip, and the L.A. Basin.

  1. Bronson Canyon

A fun fact about Bronson Canyon is that it has been a popular location for filmmakers who want a remote or alien setting. The tunnel entrance was used as the Bat cave in the sixties Batman TV series! This one-mile hiking trail in the southwest corner of Griffith Park is a little tricky to get to. From Franklin Ave. in Hollywood, go north on Canyon Drive. The road ends at the “Camp Hollywood” parking lot. Cross the small, red cement bridge on the right. Walk around the vehicle barrier. Stay left and follow the unpaved road a short distance into Bronson Canyon.

  1. Griffith Observatory West Loop Trail

If you wish to extend your hike while you are in Bronson Canyon, why not try the Griffith Observatory West Loop Trail? The two-and-a-half-mile trail starts at the Los Feliz Blvd. Fern Dell picnic area. From the restrooms at the picnic area, stay to the right and continue up the hill toward the Griffith Observatory. Be sure to stop and enjoy city views! At the top of the hill, take the trail to the right towards the observatory. At the bottom of the hill, the trail curves on its way back to the Fern Dell picnic area.

  1. Franklin Canyon Park

This one-mile hiking trail is located near Benedict Canyon. The 605-acre land has over five miles of hiking trails. Used by the oil baron Edward Doheny family as a summer retreat in the 1930’s, the trail has an easy walk around the reservoir. Watch for birds and wildlife while you walk the trail!