Distract with Wise Mind ACCEPTS

Distract with Wise Mind ACCEPTS is a Distress Tolerance DBT acceptance skill set. ACCEPTS is an acronym of different ways one can choose to distract from life’s current stressors, when problem solving isn’t either possible or won’t be effective in the moment. A is for activities, C is for contributing, the second C is for comparisons, E is for (opposite) emotions, P is for pushing away, T is for thoughts, and S is for sensations. The skills book that many clients use may not clarify how each of these categories may be utilized, so this article by Mindfulness Muse breaks down how to be most effective with one’s Distract skills. Even if you may not need to use this skill now, read it over and envision yourself being able to use each type of distract skill as a cope ahead for when you will need to use it. You’ll be that much more prepared!