Productivity in Home Confinement

Being confined in our homes during this time of COVID-19, we see through social media the way others have been spending their time. Either lounging catching up on the latest Netflix craze, or learning to bake their own bread and grandma’s recipes at home. To pause and have a slower pace in life while we have the time could seem like a lovely option to take advantage of as we cope with the stressors posted in the news. On the other hand, we may feel guilt and feel as though we need to take advantage of the time and catch up on our to-do lists and be as productive as we can; keep busy. This article breaks down the two ideas and talks about the varying ways of coping with COVID confinement. Everyone has different needs during this time and ultimately there is no right or wrong way as to how one should manage their time at home. To each their own as long as we are balancing our wants and needs.